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The Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs, Inc. (AMSPDC), invites its members to learn more about The Journal of Pediatrics. Affiliated with AMSPDC since 2001, The Journal’s mission is to advance pediatric research and serve as a practical guide for the continuing education of all pediatricians, whether in an academic, office, hospital, or research setting. The Journal pursues its mission by publishing original, high-quality, peer-reviewed articles that help pediatricians answer clinical questions, find the latest research and clinical trial results, and stay current and informed about the most recent developments in pediatric and adolescent medicine.

The partnership with The Journal of Pediatrics provides AMSPDC with the information necessary to fulfill its mission: the pursuit of optimal health outcomes of children through the development of successful academic pediatric departments. Within the pages of The Journal, AMSPDC publishes an article in every issue that gives voice to the interests and challenges of academic pediatricians in North America. All manuscripts undergo peer review by two reviewers who are generally members of AMSPDC. In general, manuscripts can be no more than 8-12 double-spaced pages of text, including title page, references, and any table(s) or figure(s). Total word count should be up to 2600, without any tables or figures (~2200 words with a table/figure).

To suggest an article for development or to submit an article for review, please contact:

Mitchell B. Cohen, MD

Journal of Pediatrics AMSPDC Pages Editor

Katharine Reynolds Ireland Chair of Pediatrics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Physician-in-Chief, Children’s of Alabama
Birmingham, AL 35233

For more information on The Journal of Pediatrics, please visit

To view AMSPDC’s Journal page, please visit

Previous Journal of Pediatrics AMSPDC Pages Editors

Thomas P. Green, MD, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Med. (2012 – 2015)

Robert W. Wilmott, MD, MB, BS, St. Louis University School of Medicine (2014 – 2019)

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