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We are now accepting applications for the AMSPDC Pediatric Leadership Development Program (PLDP). This program was developed following a survey of the AMSPDC membership which highlighted the important role of AMSPDC in helping to develop the next generation of Pediatric Chairs, ensuring that they will be well poised to lead our profession through the rapidly changing environment of academic medicine and health care in general.

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About the AMSPDC Pediatric Leadership Development Program (PLDP)

The yearlong fellowship program consists of:

  1. Formal Mentorship Program: This program is modeled similarly to a current mentorship program AMSPDC has developed for new chairs. It consists of matching the candidate to a chair who matches their leadership interests. The mentors are members of AMSPDC who meet the mentorship criteria set by the AMSPDC Leadership Committee. The mentor serves as support to the candidate during, and if desired by both parties, following the year-long fellowship program.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program: This program connects all members of each year’s cohort to rely on each other for support and information and possibly to work in teams during the leadership program on their projects.
  3. Leadership Development Project: This involves development of projects of value to the home department of the candidate, done in conjunction with the home based Chair or immediate supervisor.
  4. Attendance at Two Consecutive AMSPDC Annual Meetings: Fellows attend two Annual AMSPDC meetings, first as the incoming cohort of fellows then as the outgoing cohort as well as a meeting of the AMSPDC Board of Directors.

Current Cohort

Past Cohorts

Past PLDP Scholar Testimonials

“The program has led to many extremely valuable contacts for me, a couple who have become informal ‘at a distance’ mentors. I also cite the camaraderie of my fellow participants as a major positive.”

“Great program.”

“Great networking. Great leadership. Have previous PLDP fellows return annually for reunion to increase networking venues.”

“There was a wealth of experience amongst the PLDP faculty that could be shared.”

“Outstanding program.”

“The PLDP, while helpful for preparing for a Chair position, is helpful for any leadership position. The most positive aspects of the program are: the strong leadership/kindness/devotion of Bob Wilmott, opportunity for one-on-one work with a mentor, and then the opportunity to connect with Chairs and co-participant mentors at the annual AMSPDC meeting. I knew only a little about AMSPDC prior to being in the PLDP; hope to attend meetings in the future (thanks to the positive experience I had through this program). Thanks to Dr. Wilmott and all of the faculty organizers of this outstanding program.”

Click here for more information about PLDP and how to apply.

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