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2010-2011 New Chairs – March 2011

Name Title Effective Date School/University
Huang, Lennox Chair 01/11 McMaster University
Konstan, Michael Chair 05/10 Chase Western Reserve
Polk, D. Brent Chair 04/10 University of Southern California
Blumer, Jeffery Chair 09/10 University of Toledo
Nataro, Jeffery Chair 09/10 University of Virginia
Scholz, Thomas D. Chair 10/10 University of Iowa
Neglia, Joseph Chair 01/11 University of Minnesota
Reed, Ann Chair 02/11 Mayo Medical School
Nakamura, Kenneth Chair 03/11 University of Hawaii
Bloom, Barry T. Chair 07/10 University of Kansas, Wichita

2009-2010 New Chairs – March 2010

Name Title Effective Date School/University
Ackerman, Alice D. Chair 06/09 Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Bonilla-Felix, Melvin A. Chair 02/10 University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Gilmour, Susan M. Chair 07/09 University of Alberta
Jones, Sarah Chair 03/10 Queen’s University
Kline, Mark W. Chair 07/09 Baylor College of Medicine
Quattrin, Teresa Chair 02/10 State University of New York/Buffalo
Rubin, Bruce Chair 07/09 Virginia Commonwealth University
Satlin, Lisa Chair 03/10 Mount Sinai School of Medicine

2008-2009 New Chairs – March 2009

Name Title Effective Date School/University
Bucciarelli, Richard Chair 09/08 University of Florida
Christopher, Norman Chair 10/08 Northeastern Ohio Universities
Cordova deOrtega, Loretta Chair 009/08 University of New Mexico
Fete, Timothy J. Chair 01/09 University of Missouri
Gitlin, Jonathan D. Chair 06/07 Vanderbilt University
Gozal, David Chair 01/09 University of Chicago
Klein, Robert Chair 12/08 Brown University
Kleinman, Ronald Chair 12/07 Harvard University
Manno, Catherine S. Chair 09/08 New York University
O’Brodovich, Hugh Chair 01/08 Stanford University
Raj, Usha Chair 03/08 University of Illinois at Chicago
Richardson, C. Joan Chair 10/08 University of Texas Medical Branch
Sparks, John W. Chair 01/08 University of Nebraska
Stanberry, Lawrence Chair 02/08 Columbia University
Vardy, Cathy Chair 07/08 Janeway Children’s Health
Zach, Terence Chair 02/08 Creighton University

If you are a new interim/acting or full chair, please contact AMSPDC at (703) 556-9222 or via email at with questions and your contact information.

Once the AMSPDC office is notified of a new chair, the chair will receive a welcome letter and address verification form and a membership directory.

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